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HEY remember when I first bought these bloody wonderful SK3LET0 Series Prosthetic Arms from Contraption in January? Sure you do, I did a whole post on it and everything. ANYWAY at NEO-Japan there are now SK3LET0 legs to match! YAY!!

I bought them as soon as I realised they were an actual thing and very carefully fitted them. Then I threw away my flesh arms and legs so now I'm only maybe 40% organic undead matter, which feeds into several of my very verrrrry many kinks quite happily.

Um... but Winter; they aren't actually in this picture though, are they? Yeah. You've got me there. I started taking a full body pic then got distracted by the Yasu lips and eye makeup by Zibska also at NEO-Japan. Crashing after a shit ton of snapshots later - here we are. I have the attention span of a fruit fly, we all know this. Just go check them out, they are absolutely worth it and so is pretty much everything at the sim. I had the great pleasure and privilege of walking in the show on Saturday and I got to wear some miraculous things, but have still been back twice to buy even more.

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Photo taken on 5 April 2019 (© Winter Jefferson / Flickr)

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