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Whirlpool Galaxy - M51

Whirlpool Galaxy - M51

The Whirlpool Galaxy is an interacting spiral galaxy in the constellation Canes Venatici
at distance of 23 Mio. Lj

TS 10" f/4 ONTC Newton
1000mm f4
GPU Aplanatic Koma Korrector
Moravian CCD G2-8300FW
Astrodon LRGB Filter
Losmandy G11/LFE Photo

Lodestar on TS Optics - ultra short 9mm Off Axis Guider

16x900s Luminanz
5x900s RGB

total exposure time: 7h 45′

Processing: PixInsight/Photoshop/Lightroom

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Photo taken on 18 December 2015 (© cfaobam / Flickr)

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