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First frame on the roll of film The Pirate Chest shop Outdoor light Bins Fish Bites Adele Avenue Street light and power lines pole Mad About Pets When in doubt, photograph a power lines pole Gum tree Power lines pole and street lights Mountain Gate Barber Shop Fish Bites and Brita-Wash 2018 Holden Commodore VXR (ZB) (photo 2) 2018 Holden Commodore VXR (ZB) Power lines pole and street light 1987 Holden Calais (VL) (photo 2) 1987 Holden Calais (VL) Holden Commodore SS (VK) (photo 2) Holden Commodore SS (VK) Holden Commodore HDT (VK) (photo 3) Holden Commodore HDT (VK) (photo 2) Holden Commodore HDT (VK) Holden Calais Turbo (VL) (photo 3) Holden Calais Turbo (VL) A retro place to sit Power lines pole Tree getting into spring Holden Calais Turbo (VL) (photo 2) Nothing
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