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Sign: The Organic Fanatic Ford Laser LXi (photo 2) Ford Laser LXi Footpath with autumn leaves Footpath with autumn leaves I have no idea Trash Mount Dandenong Tourist Road, yet again Square forest Yeah Discarded No idea Dead washing machine Thrown out Trees Mount Dandenong Tourist Road Forest Sign: Raw Cacao Beans, Organic Spices, Chai Wine, Mylk Nut Toyota Dyna 200 truck 2001 Toyota Corolla (photo 4) 2001 Toyota Corolla (photo 3) 2001 Toyota Corolla (photo 2) 2001 Toyota Corolla (photo 1) Look! A dog! Yay! Playhouse under construction Plastic tricycle Someone's Backyard Sign: Olinda - Yarra Ranges Alleyway - Back of building
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