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Plan B

Plan B

This isn't the photo that should have been here today. Yesterday for the first time in weeks Benni and I were off early to the beach in south Laguna. Benni's cyst healed, smoke gone, exterminator coming for routine visit - BB & Simon packed, gas in the Mini and we were off at 7:15.

A half hour later as we approached the beach I realized I'd left the camera home. It was such a weird feeling - like part of me was missing.

Benni of course had a wonderful time; we found a little beach where we were the only ones so she actually swam once or twice due to her reckless zoomies into the waves. All we could do for poor BB and Simon, left in the boot of the Mini, was bring them home with a bag of seaweed and a lobster tail we found on the beach. So you have a Plan B photo today, taken in the back yard.

(plus d'infos...)

Photo prise le 22 août 2018 (© Bennilover / Flickr)

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