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Peri Peri's first week at his new home! 😻

Peri Peri's first week at his new home! 😻

This is my sister's latest stray kitten which she literally saved from a certain death.

Her friend was on the phone and this little one was playing beneath her friend's car near the rear tires. Upon seeing this kitten, my sister yelled to her friend not to back up as she (her friend) would have accidentally run over this poor kitten.

She decided to bring him home and named him "Peri Peri", after the hot sauce that is the highlight of Nando's Chicken outlets. 😁

Peri Peri is a classic mackerel tabby which reminded us of my sister's late cat, Ramadan who passed away in August last year.

He is an extremely friendly kitten and is known to be found at her neighbor's house when no one is at home. Unlike Ramadan, Peri Peri has white "socks" on his four paws which kind of reminds me of my friend Finn Frode's Bastian. I wonder if he will grow up to look like Bastian someday! 😸

Updates: As of September 2018, Peri Peri has not returned home. He has been known to be found at a neighbor's house and follows around a white stray cat. We hope that Peri Peri has found another human family who would take care of him.

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Photo prise le 5 septembre 2018 (© stratman² (2 many pix!) / Flickr)

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