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Koh Pich/ Diamond Island Fire Station in PP 'Truck Stop' at Choeung Ek 'Detention Centre' at Choeung Ek Photograph of an unearthed mass grave at Choeung Ek Bone fragments from the victims Clothes and bones from some of the victims A closer view of the human skulls Beauty amidst all the gore: Raxa Collective Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum: S-21 Implements for torture Classrooms converted to prison cells The skulls map has been replaced with a picture of it Kids at an orphanage in PP Cute kids in an orphanage in PP Choeung Ek Skulls Stupa Yet another mass grave Security of the Regulation A blackboard bears testimony to the crimes Some of the prisoners The Khmer Rogue lunatics maintained photos of all their victims Prisoners after their death-how dastardly was that? Barbed wire prevents the desperate from committing suicide Instruments of torture Kids at an orphanage in PP Choeung Ek Beauty amidst all that gore: Raxa Collective Classrooms converted into prison cells