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Hassan II Mosque

Hassan II Mosque

I took this one during my trip to Casablanca.
I was hosted by some friends and they show me the city on these rainy days.
We arrived at the Hassan II Mosque just after the call for prayer and we had the chance to witness thousands of believers leaving the Mosque.
The mosque was completed, after seven years of works, in 1993 and built by french company Bouygues. It's the 7th largest mosque in the world and has the tallest minaret which climb up to 210 meters, it's 60 stories or 2/3 of the Eiffel tower.
Aside the figures, the place is really huge and beautiful. Even if I didn't had the chance to go inside, the outside is magnificent. The square is huge and thanks to the rain that soaked it few hours prior to our visit, reflections on the floor were a delight for photography, .

I can really say that this was one of the most impressive contemporary buildings I ever saw. It just feels like ancient and strong. You know the feeling when you are walking around a centuries old monument.
No offense to architects but I think nowadays we aren't able to construct something that can compete with a old cathedral or castle. This is as close at it can be ;D

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Photo taken @ الدار البيضاء on 25 January 2013 (© Worlds In Focus / Flickr)

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