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Temple at Mut el-Kharab (IV)

Temple at Mut el-Kharab (IV)

AWIB-ISAW: Temple at Mut el-Kharab (IV)
An excavated mud-brick structure at Mut el-Kharab. by NYU Excavations at Amheida Staff (2006)
copyright: 2006 NYU Excavations at Amheida (used with permission)
photographed place: (Mut el-Kharab) []
authority: Image published on the authority of the Amheida Project Director, Roger Bagnall

Published by the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World as part of the Ancient World Image Bank (AWIB). Further information: [].

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Photo prise le 27 janvier 2006 (© isawnyu / Flickr)

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