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P4012006005_output-1_cavedwelleriv-1 The Reptile House (B/W) (p) Termesphere 04 Hidden Rainbow Bomb Door Opening Hill Base (p) Lou Pine (p) Resting Area (B/W) (p) Termesphere 03 (p) Bakersfield National Cemetery (p) Good Eatin' Ready To Pop (p) Termesphere 02 (p) Stash (p) All Mine Unravel Not Alone Stag Buck Owens Passes 01 Prickly Stuff (p) Termesphere 01 (p) Desert Snow Waiting For Instruction Stand Right There Pile No Shooting Allowed Meet At The Tank (p) No Snap Dragging Gentle Slope (p) Captive (p)
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 california, bakersfield, desert, mountains, sky, clouds, mojave, sunset, kern, blue
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