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Barred Owl ♂︎ A is for.... Mammoth Dome and Tower Echo River in Mammoth Cave Mammoth Cave: Underground reflections on Echo River Ranger Molly scouts around a chamber off Audubon Ave., Mammoth Cave NP Houchins Narrows, Mammoth Cave NP Green River crossing, Mammoth Cave NP Echo River Spring seep, Mammoth Cave NP Two and a half millennia-old gourd bowl left behind by Native Americans in Mammoth Cave After a mile inside Mammoth Cave, group rests Sycamore tree in early autumn at Echo Spring, Mammoth Cave NP Mammoth Cave: Violet City lantern tour Underground waterfall at Mammoth Cave NP Kosair men ride a camel Hey Blue, orange is the new red Chain prevents boulder from crushing Pineville Great white egrets watch great blue heron Start the race Antimetabole of Muhammad Ali F-16 Falcon WWI and WWII The Ascent Mammoth Cave: Underground hut for tuberculosis patients Mammoth Cave: Old Saltpeter mining works Limestone walls off Audubon Ave., Mammoth Cave Ruins of Karnak, Mammoth Cave NP Mammoth Cave's Echo River Spring: World below and above Pow wow Lotus bud
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