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SAM_3057 SAM_3024 SAM_2928 SAM_2911 IMG_4920 IMG_4884 Aaron Jones Aaron Rodgers Iveco Bus Créalis 18 GNC - Setram (Société d'Économie Mixte des TRansports en commun de l'Agglomération Mancelle) n°309 Peter Hayes Caroline Kennedy Caroline Kennedy Caroline Kennedy Caroline Kennedy Caroline Kennedy Mission Operations Control Room View of Clouds from the Apollo 7 Mission Astronaut Walter Schirra Egresses Spacecraft During Recovery Operations First Live Transmission Saturn IB Apollo 7 Commander Walter Schirra Jr. The Crew Arrives Aboard Recovery Ship, U.S.S. Essex Apollo 7 Crew Post-Flight Apollo 7 Recovery Southern California Apollo 7 Prime Crew During Water Egress Training in Gulf of Mexico Apollo 7 Program Training Lift Off Spectators Lift Off Breakfast With NASA Officials
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