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Keyboard of an old notebook in detail view with a bright background Homemade berries crumble in a baking dish on a wooden table Hot wine with a sliced orange and cinnamon in the front and warm lights in the background Small cake pops in different variations Old school DJ turntables - mixer of two disks Calendar of 1029 with a smartphone and a pen on a table Cocaine lines with a credit card and a 50euro bill Selfmade Milkshakes with strawberries, chocolate and bananas Popcorn on a blue background Steuern machen - Papierformular mit einem Taschenrechner und post it mit Steuern darauf A game of croquet - balls in the grass close up Contact lenses with the solution and case on a white background Frohe Ostern mit Holzklötzchen auf weißem Hintergrund Salad with walnuts, tomatoes, ewes cheese  and radish Latte macchiato from a Nespresso machine in a glass Summer refreshing - tasty tri colore pepsicles Low carb alternative - Zucchini Noodles in a pan on the stove Hot wine time cinammon biscuits on a wooden cutting board View over Tuileries Garden in Paris with the Eiffel tower in the background Perfume bottle with a perfume inside isolated on white background Several raw cod fishes in a tray with crushed ice - fresh fish Spring rolls on a small plate with sweet and chilli sauce and sticks About us on paper hanging with clothespins on a rope infront of a wooden background Sand pyramid with car and shoe patterns on it and a blue sky Old red vintage phone with Seal of the president of the united states as a sticker on it Winter time - hot chocolate in a cup on a wooden table with oranges and cinammon around 2019 Goals Yearly resolution with a red pen on paper Tomatoes with a tomate shaped kitchen clock on a black stone Historic buildings - view from the music university in cologne Fruits and oats for breakfast at home - bananas, mandarines and grapes
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