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PC010073 IMG_1126 Full Spinnaker Lake Kayaking in March The Power of One seriously? Kayaking in the Oslofjord P5010078 Day6.1-bear,berries,wolf (4) DSC_0128 Black sand beach campsite, Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska Chocolate Falls in Johns Hopkins Inlet, Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska Hanging Out on a Kayak IMGP5916 Father and Son Kayaking on Shoreline Lake Potamic Falls Summer Fun Day - High Stake Games SusqFlatwater13-7357 SusqFlatwater13-6885 Summer Soujourn in Juneau Friday photos: Week 28:  Transportation 2012-05-13 paddles 088 Lucas Boatworks pirate party Stan  in the Tiki Hut Private Kayak IMG_5090 Indoor kayak ergo championships The Observer; Great Blue Heron Little Purple Snapdragon Blue ice
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