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Relaxing at Python Pool

Relaxing at Python Pool

See the Camel Walk Trail of the 24th then we camped at Millyanha at 8pm See Video 4 youtu.be/g8Ds0eWdMv8

There is NO mention of the Python Pool on the flickr maps!!!

see the video here.. youtu.be/g8Ds0eWdMv8

a Facebook Google result Had Millyanha here..
Near Mt Herbert on the map, which was useless to zoom in on!

Miliyanha Campground
Campground in Millstream Chichester National Park
A nicely shaded, circular campground near the visitor centre with a kitchen in the middle. If full, there's a second (seasonal) campground, the sparse Stargazers. Camp hosts are stationed at the campground during the busy season (from April to September).

See the Camel Walk Trail of the 24th then we camped at Millyanha at 8pm See Video 4-2 youtu.be/g8Ds0eWdMv8

See blog description of the walk here..
With many shots taken I headed back down the hill and rejoined the main trail to continue on with enjoying this lovely hike. The next destination was a stop at McKenzie Spring but the terrain between Mount Herbert and there is simply stunning. Even just looking at the topographical maps of this place reveal an interesting landscape full of squiggly patterns shaped by water over the aeons. Experiencing it at ground level is even better with rolling hills of golden spinifex and snappy gums, the occasional termite mound and a complex visual stitched together leading off towards the deep blue horizon. It may be called the Camel Trail but the way it snakes around everywhere had me thinking it should have a name change. To go with the spectacular scenery was a fantastic array of wildflowers that we had not previously seen at Karijini. An assortment of purple, red and yellow flowers lined the trail in a variety of species including a golf ball sized white globe hanging just off a stem with spikes attached. I assume it was the early stage of a blooming wildflower but I would love to know what it turns in to so if you know (check the photo sliders for the picture of it) then please comment or send me an email.

Arriving at McKenzie Spring after 40 minutes of gentle sauntering was a lovely surprise as I was not expecting as much water as there was. Being a very dry part of the country, water usually comes in the form of summer storms and cyclones so to have a natural spring in an open landscape like this with a creek like flow extending out from it was an unexpected delight. Photographing every angle I could I had to stop for a while to figure out where the trail goes as it isn't quite obvious you are meant to cross the rocky platform on to the other side of the creek. Finding my way eventually and taking a million photos, I continued on my way to try and catch up to Ben a little before he forgot I was out here and left. On the other side of McKenzie Creek I discovered my first group of Desert Pea in the wild after seeing a lot of them on the roadside near Karratha.

See link from Facebook..

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Photo taken on 25 May 2011 (© spelio / Flickr)

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