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Karijininationalpark Photos

Big Red Bushtracker and Scruby campsite pano

Cairn on the Millstream trail

We meet the owners of Mt Florance station

Campsite campfire

Around the fire

Coals in the campfire

Caravan park ablutions hut

Camp under power light

following Terry & Helen in to camp

Mt Florance sunset

Range of hills near Mt Florance Station Caravan Park

IMG_7537 childs painting of the homestead early last century

The old homestead at Millstream

verandah with a view across the lawn

The old plow



looks like an old de-barker machine

Millstream shed

Gate to the Rangers Office

Old Millstream HS machinery

window with a reflection

shed in the sun

Evidence of termites

White ant eaten post in the shade

Paperbark on the Millstream trail

Split gum on the Millstream trail

More cairns on the Millstream trail

Fly face nets get good use by tourists

Cycle chic on the Millstream trail

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