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Sunset over the Pilbara Stopping for a panorama Shot by Mary as I videoed palms falling Hollow in Wilu tree Coolibah tree Wilu coolibah tree sign Palm in Millstream NP IMG_7459 IMG_7458 IMG_7457 White gums in Millstream N Growth returns to a Marba stump IMG_7451 Marba Paperbark trees on the walk Paper barks in Millstream NP looking across the Pilbara spinifex Green spinifex on the slopes Boulders #101 Boulders #102 and cairn Boulders #103 Roadside memorial in the spinifex Zooming past the view stopping for the view A passing panorama Wild Sturt Peas Spreading Sturt Desert Pea Red faces in the scrub Pano in the Pilbara past Python Pool Relaxing at Python Pool at Python Pool
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