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Cycle chic on the Millstream trail Roadside memorial in the spinifex Stopping for a panorama Shot by Mary as I videoed Relaxing at Python Pool Split gum on the Millstream trail More cairns on the Millstream trail Fly face nets get good use by tourists Palm leaves beside the trail White Tea Tree sign palms falling IMG_7457 White gums in Millstream N Sunset over the Pilbara Boulders #101 Boulders #102 and cairn Boulders #103 Zooming past the view stopping for the view A passing panorama Wild Sturt Peas Red faces in the scrub Pano in the Pilbara past Python Pool at Python Pool Edge at Python Pool White euc at Python Pool Loos at Python Pool Hills around Python Pool Boulders at Python Pool Pano at Python Pool
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