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Collected Flakes (Jan 18th 2019, #4)

Collected Flakes (Jan 18th 2019, #4)

Likely the last shot I will publish from that session. It was about -11C and calm, with light snow falling. As usual, I used some fluffy tuques to collect flakes as they were falling, and that's what gives the background its distinctive color and texture.

Pentax D-FA 100mm F/2.8 WR Macro plus HD DA 1.4X AW tele-converter and Raynox DCR-250, with off-camera diffused Godox AD180 flash. 26 frame handheld focus stack, with EXIF from the first frame. Significant crop (~15mp) to 4:3 aspect ratio.


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Photo taken on 18 January 2019 (© Doundounba / Flickr)

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