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Weird trophy




white crystal illumination

Février 2020

Tourism at Mather Point

住宅・都市整備公団 ススキノアパート

札幌大通公園 雪まつり設営中だが雪はゼロ

The best Valentine's day gift for Japanese tech engineers.

Canard Convention


For Hearth and Home

Velvet Worm - Onycophora - Ecuador

Velvet Worm - Onycophora - Ecuador

Richardiid Hammerhead Fly - Ecuador

Habronattus altanus Male Jumping Spider - Utah

Shake It Off

Harborside Hibisci

Look at Me, I Can Stand on One Foot

The Great White Fleet

Paris 19e - La Villette

Paris 19e - La Villette

Sevran - Parc de la Poudrerie

The Textures and Colors of My Bread

Paris 19e - La Villette

What A Cute Couple

Nightscape at Kawasaki Industrial Zone 11

PENTAX K-3で撮影 谷根千ネコ散歩 2014年2月23日

Wotan's Hassock

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