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Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

A bronze jug for water or wine. It has wonderful blues and greens where it has corroded. It's quite surprising that it didn't melt in the terrific heat, but perhaps it was well protected. Although the main cause of death following the eruption of Vesuvius in AD79 had been thought to be suffocation from the ash cloud, it’s now thought that heat was the main cause. Exposure to at least 250 °C (480 °F) hot surges (known as pyroclastic flows) at a distance of 10 kilometres from the vent was sufficient to cause instant death, even if people were inside buildings. The ash, which rained down over six hours in at least 12 surges, buried everything to a maximum depth of 25 metres (82.0 ft).

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Photo taken @ O on 19 October 2019 (© carolyngifford / Flickr)

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