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Saturday Night Dumping

Saturday Night Dumping

Sorry to be extremely boring about rubbish dumped in Moorefield Road N17. There's nothing interesting or new about the photo I'm posting from 7.30 pm 9 February.
   So stunningly tedious is this quick snap that maybe I should pretend that rubbish I've reported dumped in this spot many dozens - hundreds? - of times over the past ten years is all fascinatingly different?
   Maybe I need to mention that some piles have been arranged super-neatly against the cream-coloured wall. Whereas other garbage is spread intriguingly around the nearby street sign.
   There are day shots; and photos in rain; and in bright sunlight. Some - like this evening's offering in darkness - include an armchair. Quite often there's a mattress. Or two. Or three. Perhaps with a free duvet thrown-in. Once I asked a passer-by to stand near the waste pile. Pointing at the trash, as though it was mysteriously difficult to spot.
   From time to time, I've been glad to send a report of a single black rubbish bag. Kidding myself that this was not a starter for ten. In an effort to be fair and balanced I've also taken photos in celebration when strolling and finding no rubbish at all.
   But here's a strange thing. In all the years when I've walked past on my way to Bruce Grove station; or the Sorting Office; or Bruce Grove Primary School - where I was once a Governor for several years - or for other reasons, never once do I remember getting a reply email telling me that Haringey had discovered who dumped stuff here. Or have caught them on camera.
   Or perhaps have discovered that there are residents leaving their rubbish here whose landlords haven't provided waste storage space.
   Although dumping - at least several times a week is my guess - is as predictable as leaves falling in Autumn.

So what's needed before Haringey Council bosses take this and other examples of the dumping epidemic with any apparent seriousness? To find cash for staff & other resources for enforcement? And possibly to seek external funding for research?

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Photo taken @ H on 9 February 2019 (© Alan Stanton / Flickr)

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