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Dumping in Moorefield Road, Tottenham N17 near the junction with St Loys Road

Eve Road dumped clothes

Steele Road N17

Moorefield Road

23 May 2019 - More rubbish dumped at the rear of Haringey Law Centre

Devon Close, Rubbish Bags

Dumped clothes at the southwest entrance to Hartington Park, Tottenham

Satellite dishes and broken supermarket trolley dumped in alley St Loy's Road

Looking back along Mafeking Road

Mafeking Road - Dumping Multiplied

Corner of Mafeking Road and Ladysmith Road

Dumped Wooden Pallet in St Loys Road N17

Moorefield Road N17 - dumped rubbish.

Sunny Fortismere

Alexandra Road

The single remaining exception?

Rubbish Dumping in Mafeking Road, N17 - Initial view from Ladysmith Road

On the north side of Mafeking Road, N17.

Mafeking Road Dumping

Mafeking Road, dumped rubbish

Mafeking Road Dumping - two more piles visible

Mafeking Road - More Dumping

14 April 2019. Rubbish at rear of Haringey Law Centre

Saturday Night Dumping

Moorefield Road - Dumping starter bags