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A Happy Boreal Chickadee

A Happy Boreal Chickadee

This was one happy little chickadee when he watched Doc hanging a small turkey carcass high in a tree. Winter in Alaska can be especially hard on our year around songbirds, so Doc takes care of as many as he can.

**(Active, acrobatic and agile with a perky cheerful air, the chickadee is one of the most widely recognized birds in Alaska forests. The boreal chickadee is one of four chickadee species that occurs in the state and is one of few songbirds found almost exclusively in boreal forests of Alaska and Canada. Like the dark spruce forests they inhabit, boreals have relatively drab colors — brown cap, bright rufous flanks and brown back. The boreal’s common call is similar to that of other chickadees — chick-a-dee-dee-dee — but is slower and more nasal.

Chickadees are specially adapted to endure Alaska’s rugged winters. They have much denser, better-insulating plumage than other songbirds their size and a special ability to put on fat quickly. Birds burn fat as fuel to keep warm in winter. A chickadee can put on eight percent of its body weight in fat each day. Chickadees are also able to drop their body temperature at night in order to conserve their winter fuel.)

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Photo taken on 11 January 2019 (© JLS Photography - Alaska / Flickr)

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