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🚩 Marked safe from the Second Life outage today

🚩 Marked safe from the Second Life outage today

Zaara was kind enough to hand me a copy of her Kalki Temple Jewelry for Collabor88 when she lured me to her sim the other day to interrogate meet my new friend, and share her moodily lit pictures of smashed macarons. I snuck back there just now to take pictures - yanno, in between the grid taking a screaming nosedive to the point where LL had to literally shut it down.

She writes "Typical of southern India, Temple style of jewelry is usually made from pure gold and hand crafted with motifs of gods and godesses, animals, birds and florals."

Why did I have to sneak in? Well this is her new store build. Which she should have finished well over 12 months ago. So I probably shouldn't be taking photos of it but hopefully this will act as a threat FINISH YOUR STORE ZAARA KOHIME OR THE NEXT PICS WILL BE NUDES.

Anyway - get this at C88 because its lovely and is also available in silver. There are bracelets too and you can have a better view of these here at her flickr

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Photo taken on 15 May 2019 (© Winter Jefferson / Flickr)

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