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Part of a stomacher, Portugal, about 1750, citrines and yellow topazes set in silver, later adapted as a brooch

Brooch, Russia, about 1750-70, ruby and diamond

Pendant, Spain, about 1680-1700, emeralds and diamond

Brooch with trophy of love, Franch, about 1800-20

Bodice ornament, Spain, 1790-1800

Bodice ornament, probably England, about 1760, rock crystals and paste glass with foiled settings in silver

Bodice ornament and a pair of earrings, probably France, about 1760, topazes backed with foil and sapphires

Pendant, Western Europe, 1650-75, rock crystal triplets

Pendant, Spein, 1625-50, amethyst in foiled settings

Locket pendant, Central Europe, about 1650

Necklace with sapphire pendant, Western Europe, about 1660 (bow), and probably 1800-1900 (chain and pendant)

Pendant cross, Western Europe, 1650-1700

Pendant with Christ bearing the cross, France, about 1660

Pendant with the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception, Spain, about 1640-60

Pendant, Germany, about 1700, the central emerald a later addition

Pendant cross, probably England, 1610-20

Pendant, Italy, about 1550-1600, frame 1600-20

Pendant, Spain, 1580-1600, mount 1620-50

Plaque with the Adoration of the Magi, Italy, about 1600-20

Pendant with the Virgin of Loreto, Spain, about 1600-20

Pendant, Spain, about 1620

Brest ornament (Bodice brooch), Probabry Netherlands, about 1680-1700, Garnet with diamond

Brest ornament (Bodice brooch), Probabry France, about 1620-30

Pendant cross, possibly Germany, 1400-1500

Virgin and Child, France, about 1400-10 with the 19th-century crown

Heart-shaped pendant with IHS monogram, Spain, 1600-50

Reliquary Cross, Probably Italy, 1600-25

Locket- The Heneage or Armada Jewel,England, about 1595

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