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Close-up of a necklace with a ruby in the hand The Straight-forward German Way of Doing Business Luxurious finger ring with many gemstones 20190327_The Big Peg Pin, England, London, 1972, designed by Elizabeth Gage, tourmaline, aquamerine, rubies Renaissance revival style jewellery, 19th century Pendant with figure of Bacchus, France, Paris, 1854 Spray, Britain, 1840-50 Bodice ornament, England, about 1850 Diamond stomacher, England, London, 1854, made by R. & S. Garrard & Co. Spray with roses, rosebuds and leaves, Western Europe about 1860 19th century jewellry 19th century jewellry 19th century jewellry Pendant cross, England, about 1825 Part of the Set of jewels, England, London, 1816, made by Rundell, bridge and Rundell, peridots open-set in gold Bodice ornament, Spain, 1790-1800 Part of a stomacher, Portugal, about 1750, citrines and yellow topazes set in silver, later adapted as a brooch Brooch, Russia, about 1750-70, ruby and diamond Bodice ornament, probably England, about 1760, rock crystals and paste glass with foiled settings in silver Bodice ornament and a pair of earrings, probably France, about 1760, topazes backed with foil and sapphires Pendant, Western Europe, 1650-75, rock crystal triplets Pendant, Spein, 1625-50, amethyst in foiled settings Locket pendant, Central Europe, about 1650 Necklace with sapphire pendant, Western Europe, about 1660 (bow), and probably 1800-1900 (chain and pendant) Pendant cross, Western Europe, 1650-1700 Pendant with Christ bearing the cross, France, about 1660 Pendant with the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception, Spain, about 1640-60 Pendant, Germany, about 1700, the central emerald a later addition Pendant cross, probably England, 1610-20
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