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Close-up of a necklace with a ruby in the hand New jewellery Luxurious finger ring with many gemstones 20190327_The Big Peg The William and Judith Bollinger Jewellery Gallery, V&A, London Winter Woodland pendant, France, Paris about 1899, by Rene Lalique Thistles - cosage ornament, France, Paris, about 1903, by Rene Lalique Tiara, England, London, 1983, designed and made by Frances Bendixson 'A Parrot for Flaubert' neckpiece, England, London, 2012, designed and made by Kevin Coates 'Love-in-a-Mist' necklace, England, Olton (Warwickshire), about 1910, designed by Georgie Cave Gaskin Part of necklace, England, about 1905, designed by Henry Wilson, made in his london workshop Necklace, England, about 1905, designed by Henry Wilson, made in his london workshop Brooch, Scotland, Glasgow, 1911-40, designed and made by Mary Thew Pendant and chain, England, London, about 1900, probably designed and made by Nelson Dawson 'The Tree of Life' morse (fastening for a cope), England, London, about 1906, designed by Alexander Fisher, made by Fisher and J. Davis The Wagner Girdle, England, London, 1893-6, designed and made by Alexander Fisher Brooch in the form of a bascket of flowers, 1930, USA, New York, Cartier, New York Pendant, France, Paris, 1900, by Emile Froment Meurice Tiara combe head, probably France, about 1900, bleached tortoiseshell Brooch, France, Paris, 1901, designed by Charles Desrosiers, made by Georges Fouquet Pendant with brooch fitting, probably India, 1860-70, pink tourmaline Renaissance revival style jewellery, 19th century Etruscan revival style necklace, 19th century Brooch and pair of solitaire studs, Scotland, Edinburgh, about 1880, made by G. & M. Crichton Pendant with figure of Bacchus, France, Paris, 1854 Necklace, part of Parure, Austria, Vienna, about 1855, made by Schlichtegroll Bodice ornament, England, about 1850 19th century jewellry 19th century jewellry 19th century jewellry
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