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3917e  enjoying the last of the sun 2676ex  low clouds in the valley DSCN1177e2 Gloriosa daisy 3711ex 2003e2x  heated debate 2316ex2 November dahlia 2357ex autumn at the falls--Sharon Woods 1863ex  still blooming...... 2267ex  Wood Duck on autumn lake 1526ex  Clingmans Overlook  **Explore** 8380ex  White-tailed Ptarmigan 0957ex red sunflower 6951ex Kudu 0849e  strings of pearls 1265ex friends forever--- baboons 0083ex  red dahlia --close look  Coolpix P1000 0220ex Birthday bouquet---Coolpix P1000  **Explore** 1845e  Hello Big Eyes 1529ex2 Spotted hyena in grasses 7297ex2  Hadada Ibis 7845e  young cheetah on the road 1355ex  adult and juvenile Crowned Crane 1024ex2  landscape of Kenya 0990ex2 Kaibab views 6390ex  sunning frog-- neck deep 3247e2 lizard close-up 4866e2 bloodroot macro 2208ex pleasing purples 4754ex  Happy Mother's Day! 5066ex2 Blue-grey tanager
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