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The ocean near Scarborough, Western Cape 20140826-DSC_6829 Day661-Bike-140826 Sishen-Saldanha iron ore railway Sishen-Saldanha iron ore railway and the white sand dunes of Elands Bay Windmill farm near Lutzville, South Africa Namaqualand mountains in winter time, South Africa Kamieskroon hospitality business C13 road between Aussekehr and Noordoewer, Namibia C13 road between the mountains and the Orange river, Namibia Human, oryx and baboon footprints The road to Rosh Pinah 20140802-DSC_5946 Grasplatz old train station, between Aus and Lüderitz 20140902-IMG_1126 Cycling into Cape Town city center 20140826-DSC_6839 Iron ore trains from the Sishen mine queing at the Saldanha terminal Wollastonite mine near Garies, South Africa The steep Studers pass, Namaqualand Day654-Bike-140819 Washed out road signs, South Africa Cycling from the flowers of Namaqualand to Kaapstad Roads of Northern Cape Landscape near Steinkopf, Northern Cape, South Africa Northern Cape, South Africa Sunset on the Aus-Lüderitz road Garub wild horses, Namibia Electric poles in the desert (Lüderitz line) Desert road B4, Aus-Lüderitz
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