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Jade is not only green- I loved the honey colour Several attractive- if expensive- jade artifacts in the showroom This lady helped me with my selection and wrote up the invoice I had to buy a piece of jade for a good friend Lots of plants to cover the jade showroom The artisan was quite unmindful of my presence The chunk of jade in the foreground is due to be taken up for carving Interesting, if expensive, artifacts in the jade factory Guanyin made from jade- a true masterpiece An artisan works on interlocking jade balls Another artisan hard at work A bas relief made from jade The staff at the jade factory were simply charming! The artisan continues to work not distracted byour presence An artisan carves a piece while a volunteer gives me a lesson on identifying duds Gorgeous jade Buddhas in the reception of the jade factory in Chiang Mai Posing by a large jade dragon urn- a fountain perhaps? Pixiu- the money dragon- he never defecates! Jade showroom- time for another hot coffee Inside the jade showroom The money dragon- swallows money but never defecates! Jade Factory Antigua, Guatemala Antigua, Guatemala Antigua, Guatemala Antigua, Guatemala
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