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Nelson Wecoma Beach, Oregon. in the old town family day at the beach creepy place do not enter enjoy the sea tourist trap outlook remember the cold? a different world pipes different levels art and the city bring us your money Amstel Bier A2e-02Jun2018-Fuji400-B009 let's get some meat 2018-04-05_14-53-34_ILCE-6500_DSC05774_DxO 2018-04-05_12-26-05_ILCE-6500_DSC05283_DxO dark corner another world 20180726-_T152470-3 jump 2018-06-09_19-06-15_ILCE-6500_DSC06410 Dawn, Callanish. A2e-21Jan2018-HP5Plus-023 A2e-21Jan2018-HP5Plus-025 Cuiabá, Mato Grosso, Brasil (fotografia analógica - Nikon F401s, Ilford Delta 400).
Mots clés associés à iso400:
 film, bw, kodak, blackandwhite, ilford, fuji, nikon, canon, hp5, trix
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