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rusty modern times 2018-09-18_18-53-28_ILCE-6500_DSC06946_DxO inside/outside hung up to dry salesman back office waiting old man and trash can 2018-08-08_18-27-35_ILCE-6500_DSC00215_DxO Batumi bus station look up 2018-07-08_12-58-23_ILCE-6500_DSC03239_DxO cubism masses afternoon rest Winter Roads XA I Don't wait for someone to save you. kitsch far beyond me Lake Nipissing, Ontario, Canada. in the shade something's in the air a gate to the past another world Monasterio de Guadalupe do not enter Winter Roads XA IV Vlissingen, Netherlands. 20180726-_T152470-3
Mots clés associés à iso400:
 film, bw, kodak, blackandwhite, ilford, fuji, nikon, canon, hp5, trix
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