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museumPASSmusees 2019 - Mima - Obsessions

The subject of the 7th chapter of the MIMA is the definition of 'normality' in art.

'Obsessions' presents several hundred works by 23, mainly Belgian, artists, taking the form of drawings, sculptures, ceramics or in situ installations.

Whether gestural expressionist or meticulous introverted, humorous or sad, the singular universe of each artist seems to expand with each new production and element of a series. The works reveal an extraordinary application in the way they are executed, bordering on obsession. But does this mean that the artists nurture a pathological obsession with their creations? The answer can never be gleaned from the works themselves.

'Obsessions' is organised in partnership with La 'S' Grand Atelie

The artists

Resident artists: Sarah Albert, Rita Arimont, Adolpho Avril, Marie Bodson, Kostia Botkine, Laura Delvaux, Gabriel Evrard, Irene Gerard, Regis Guyaux, Alexandre Heck, Jean Leclercq, Pascal Leyder, Philippe Marien, Barbara Massart, Benoit Monjoie , Remy Pierlot, Marcel Schmitz, Florent Talbot, Elke Tangeten, Dominique Theate

Guest artists: Pakito Bolino, Paul Loubet and Monsieur Pimpant
Host artists: Michiel De Jaeger, Juliette Bensimon Marchina, Fabian Dores Pais, Anaid Ferte, Antoine Boulange and Bertrand Leonard.

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Photo taken @ A on 18 October 2019 (© Miguel Discart (Photos Vrac) / Flickr)

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