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Cllr. Naeem ul-Hassan supporting Islamic Relief and Jubilee Debt Campaign's call for auditing and cancellation of Pakistan's debt. DSCF1538 Hungry for Action (3 of 17) Hungry for Action (7 of 17) Hungry for Action (10 of 17) NAAP_CAMP_Iftar_7.26.13-5 NAAP_CAMP_Iftar_7.26.13-7 NAAP_CAMP_Iftar_7.26.13-16 NAAP_CAMP_Iftar_7.26.13-22 NAAP_CAMP_Iftar_7.26.13-23 NAAP_CAMP_Iftar_7.26.13-26 NAAP_CAMP_Iftar_7.26.13-29 NAAP_CAMP_Iftar_7.26.13-28 NAAP_CAMP_Iftar_7.26.13-33 NAAP_CAMP_Iftar_7.26.13-42 NAAP_CAMP_Iftar_7.26.13-47 NAAP_CAMP_Iftar_7.26.13-48 NAAP_CAMP_Iftar_7.26.13-53 NAAP_CAMP_Iftar_7.26.13-62 NAAP_CAMP_Iftar_7.26.13-64 NAAP_CAMP_Iftar_7.26.13-67 Islamic Relief Lantern Andrew Mitchell discusses UK aid with the Somali community Islamic Relief Tents_4513c Flood survivors in Pir Sabak, Pakistan DSC08535 DSC08537 Giving Ed Miliband the petition box Ed Miliband listening to our energy demands Direct Impact Relief
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