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J.F.X. O'Brien, M.P. and Dr. Tanner, M.P.

J.F.X. O'Brien, M.P. and Dr. Tanner, M.P.

Another week nearly over, and Morning Mary is still on her vacation. I really do hope she is enjoying herself! From our catalogue we see that these two distinguished gentlemen are Dr. Charles Tanner (facing right wearing a hat and suit, holding a newspaper) and J.F.X O'Brien (facing front, wearing a hat and an overcoat). What can you tell us about these men?

Thanks to CASSIDY PHOTOGRAPHY who quickly directed us to the Wikipedia entries for both men. In O'Brien's entry he is described as a "Fenian revolutionary" and an MP for Cork. And Tanner's entry he's described as a "surgeon and politician" who was also an MP for Cork. Both were members of the IPP when this photo was taken. Which was likely in the latter half of the 1890s (1894-1900) per the investigations by BeachcomberAustralia, John Spooner, Niall McAuley and oaktree_brian_1976 into the photography studio of William Honey....

Photographers: Honey

Collection: Irish Personalities Photographic Collection

Date: Catalogue range c.1880-1900. Perhaps c.1894-1900 (see notes)


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Photo taken @ Cork on 1 January 1900 (© National Library of Ireland on The Commons / Flickr)

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