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Spiral of confusion Wait for the moon specta Good Morning Berlin Ducati by Rizoma Ducati by Rizoma Feels like heaven #ShiroganeBluePond #Shirogane #BluePond #iphone #iphonography Rapunzel, let down your hair The Birds at Lady's Mile - Limassol, Cyprus #ShiroganeBluePond #Shirogane #BluePond #iphone #iphonography Berlin at the golden hour A grid for the skull fracture Hole in the head? „Thanks for the Flickr explore First Stop Nashville Is the conversion work about to begin? Gehry Like wings in the wind Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the ... „Thanks for the Flickr explore A bed and chair in a cornfield A light-flooded staircase. A slightly different angle. A light-flooded staircase Futurium - Home of the future! There's money by the wayside Meadowland, Monastery or anyway a Meierei? My music plays here The treetop path in Beelitz Motion meets Art - The Frankfurter Tor The Berlin Allianz-Treptowers with Molecule Men The Berlin Twin Towers Sun and thunderstorms over Berlin
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