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KSC-20200130-PH-JBS01_0046 Astronaut Christina Koch's Record-Setting Mission Valencia Alps Multicoloured river For Fernando KSC-20200116-PH-JBS01_0049 KSC-20200115-PH-JBS01_0041 KSC-20200121-PH-KLS01_0061 KSC-20200115-PH-JBS02_0112 Bowknot Bend Utah KSC-20200119-PH-KLS02_0098 KSC-20200119-PH-KLS02_0089 KSC-20200119-PH-GEB01_0011 KSC-20200119-PH-AWG01_0009 KSC-20200119-PH-AWG02_0005 Don Pettit Spacewalk Selfie Up in smoke The Canadarm2 Robotic Arm with the Dextre Robotic Hand KSC-20191220-PH-AWG04_0012 KSC-20191220-PH-AWG02_0071 KSC-20191220-PH-AWG02_0083 Full ISS Pass Venice Interaction between sea and land Kerch Strait Bridge Contrasting colours KSC-20191205-PH-AWG07_0006 KSC-20191205-PH-AWG06_0011 KSC-20200117-PH-KLS03_0039
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