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Remnants at a Volcanic Past (Big Bend National Park) I Walk in Beauty of Creation (Canyonlands National Park) The Distant La Sal Mountains While Taking in View Across Canyonlands National Park Looking Back Across a Hike Walked (Canyonlands National Park) Confluence of the Colorado and Green Rivers (Canyonlands National Park) A Vista-like View of the Owachomo Bridge and Surrounding Utah Landscape (Natural Bridges National Monument) Looking Through The Keyhole and Beyond to Mesas off in the Distance (Canyonlands National Park) The Wooden Shoe Arch and Other Arches, Spires, Knobs, and Fins (Canyonlands National Park) It Was Good Seeing Casa Grande Peak Again! (Big Bend National Park) Looking Beyond The Window to Rugged Terrain and Mountain Peaks (Big Bend National Park) A Morning Portrait of Casa Grande Peak (Black & White, Big Bend National Park) The Whole of a Setting Around Hickman Bridge (Black & White, Capitol Reef National Park) The Moon Just Over the Rise... (Black & White, Capitol Reef National Park) Rock Etchings and Seeming Striations Across the Cliff Walls of the Waterpocket Fold in Capitol Reef National Park The Waterpocket Fold and Layer After Layer of Rock (Capitol Reef National Park) A Road to Travel into Capitol Reef National Park... Folds of the Earth (Big Bend National Park) I Made It...and What a Freaking Amazing View It Was! (Black & White, Big Bend National Park It's Difficult...and It's Fun! (Arches National Park) Looking Down a Mountainside and then Across the Chihuahuan Desert into Mexico (Big Bend National Park) Standing Above the Other Rock Formations (Arches National Park) The Window and Views Beyond (HDR, Big Bend National Park) Wildflowers and Trees with a Backdrop of Casa Grande Peak It's a Wonderful Afternoon in the Capitol Reef National Park Neighborhood... There's Nothing Like Waking Up to a View of Casa Grande! (Big Bend National Park) Lights and Shadows Cast Across the Utah Landscape (Arches National Park) A Look Across the Chisos Basin Area to Peaks of the Chisos Mountains (Black & White, Big Bend National Park) The Spectacles (Arches National Park) Perspective on Height and Distance Hiked (Capitol Reef National Park) A Forest of Greens Along the Rio Grande and Border (Big Bend National Park)
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