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n106_w1150 Monkey Food Native bee on Eucalyptus sp. fly indet. Erzwespe (Chalcidoidea) - Chalcid wasp Southern Hawker, Aeshna cyanea Repetition Grasshopper Frass Three-spotted Fillip Drosophila immigrans (Drosophilidae) Rachel Ruysch, Fruit and Insects, 1711 Caterpillar of Tussock Moth preparing to pupate. Crambus lathoniellus (Pyralidae) Trypoxylon sp. (Crabronidae) - Töpfergrabwespe Dioctria rufipes ? (Asilidae) - Höcker-Habichtsfliege Omnomnomnom... n103_w1150 n153_w1150 DSCF0586 Greenbottle Among The Blooming Heather Two-spotted Looper Sharing a Workplace Nahkjooksik; Carabus (Procrustes) coriaceus European Paper Wasp Cute Scriptured Leaf Beetle (Pachybrachis sp.) Common darter Palette Wink Wink
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