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Why do these insects move frantically? What do they want to cool? Their eggs? Moth Ceraphron sp. F Notodontid Moth, Lirimiris sp., Notodontidae Leafhopper nymph? Hawk Moth, Manduca sp., Sphingidae Moth Moth 100_0720 Skull Face Caterpillar of the Thoas Swallowtail, Papilio thoas? Hypselonotus linea, Coreidae, Hemiptera Embouteillage ! Green on green on green Cicada Side Wind Coreid bug, Spartocera pantomima, Coreidae Colorful Grasshopper, Taeniophora valleana sans titre-2560.jpg Leodonta tellane intermedia (on the rock), Pieridae Tortoise beetle The conductor of the orchestra, Anchotatus sp., Proscopiidae Tarantula hawk, Pepsis sp., Pompilidae 100_7525 Little Thing Grand écart 100_5887 Coucou Andrena cineraria mâle Libellule
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