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Painted lady 5350e3  cabbage white Fly on an Aster 7620e  wild blue yonder Fly on Aster Small Copper Where it Landed Hoverfly on a Dayflower Small Copper the green hornet Carolinian Elegant Hummingbird Hawkmoth Summer's Last Blooms Bee Beetle Buckeye Butterfly Skipper Butterfly on Late Boneset Flower Goldenrod Soldier Beetles on Late Boneset Flowers Icarusblauwtje Fritillary bug of the day Mottled Shieldbug Hang On Dragonfly A Big Thank You How do they know I am eating cake ? Fritillary wasp on Monrovia, Lowe's Resting 2 American lady on goldenrod Eastern lubber grasshopper
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 macro, bug, nature, green, butterfly, flower, bee, animal, orange, grasshopper
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