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2020-01-19_09-02-43_ILCE-6500_DSC03077_DxO Hunter Lingonberry plant Fig (Ficus) illustration from Traité des Arbres et Arbustes (18 Pink french roses Pink boursault rose Vintage unicorn illustration Vintage shelf illustration Agent Cooper Linocut Rana borracha More Random Snapchat verses 14 verses 2 Monster New fiver scrunch test mlskn2014_06 artifex Front & Pacific Streets. 30 minute lunch drawing, listening to TBTL. I dropped this pen on its point so its got an uneven quality. to reminisce New Tattoo_A 007 St George's Day London 2014 - 13 Al Hirschfeld - 2013 Christmas Windows Henri Bendel s NYC 0474 aug23_005 Immersed In Ink : Baton Rouge Inchiostro Festival: Illustratori, calligrafi, artisti e stampatori d'arte da tutta Italia. Esibizioni dal vivo fra arti figurative e musica (Alessandria, Piemonte) Riccardo Guasco - Inchiostro Festival, presentazione artisti fra illustratori, stampatori e calligrafi. 1 e 2 giugno 2013, Alessandria (Piemonte) Italy new series in progress 2019-11-08_16-10-45_ILCE-6500_DSC06813_DxO Rabbit Hole Cobra The Barnacle Twin - Comic Strip 0112
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