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Georgia National Guard The CG's Brief One Last Letter Night Fire Abri 2408 M3 Recoilless Rifle Securing a LZ in Afghanistan Target Location Module U.S. Marines are War - Soldiers and Sailors Monument - Indianapolis Infantry - Soldiers and Sailors Monument - Indianapolis 11142018_PAO2105 11142018_PAO2110 11142018_PAO2126 11142018_PAO2129 Falcon Amarante exercise_09 Falcon Amarante exercise_12 Falcon Amarante exercise_13 Falcon Amarante exercise_16 Falcon Amarante exercise_25 Falcon Amarante exercise_27 Falcon Amarante exercise_29 New Jersey National Guard Faces of the 48th On to Afghanistan Two soldiers getting some rest after 11 days of fighting [French Chauchat automatic rifles] 5th Div. near Nantillois, Meuse, France 10-22-18 NARA111-SC-031434 181106-Z-NI803-0055 181106-Z-NI803-0061 181106-Z-NI803-0110 181106-Z-NI803-0145
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