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Sand as Far as the Eye Can See UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters and a CH-47 Chinook conduct air assault operations near Wheeler Army Airfield Arma 3 - Operation Dark Strike (Reworked) A CH-47 Chinook conducted air assault operations Georgia National Guard Fall In 191207-Z-DP681-2013 191207-Z-DP681-2050 191207-Z-DP681-2051 191207-Z-DP681-2077 191207-Z-DP681-2104 191207-Z-DP681-2295 U.S. Army Chinook helicopters provide inter-island troop lift support preparing the cannon Fires an M16A4 rifle on Camp Hansen during combat readiness training under CBRN circumstances U.S. Marines prepare to fire M16A4 rifles after putting on Mission Oriented Protective Posture gear 190923-M-EC058-1084 190923-M-EC058-1221 190923-M-EC058-1266 190923-M-EC058-1354 Widerstandsnest 62 WW1 Public Schools Brigade Recruitment Poster Heavy Contarius Heavy Katapeltes 191207-Z-DP681-2102 U.S. Marines run through an obstacle course during a fire team competition as part of exercise Fuji Viper 20-1 U.S. Marines sweep through the forest during an IED training event as part of exercise Fuji Viper 20-1 U.S. Marines conduct  improvised explosive device lane training during Fuji Viper 20-1 U.S. Marines train on how properly arm and throw an M69 training grenade during exercise Fuji Viper 20-1 Virginia National Guard
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