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Sand as Far as the Eye Can See UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters and a CH-47 Chinook conduct air assault operations near Wheeler Army Airfield Arma 3 - Operation Dark Strike (Reworked) A CH-47 Chinook conducted air assault operations Georgia National Guard Fall In U.S. Army Chinook helicopters provide inter-island troop lift support U.S. Marines run through an obstacle course during a fire team competition as part of exercise Fuji Viper 20-1 preparing the cannon U.S. Marines sweep through the forest during an IED training event as part of exercise Fuji Viper 20-1 U.S. Marines conduct  improvised explosive device lane training during Fuji Viper 20-1 U.S. Marines train on how properly arm and throw an M69 training grenade during exercise Fuji Viper 20-1 U.S. Marines prepare to fire M16A4 rifles after putting on Mission Oriented Protective Posture gear Virginia National Guard 190923-M-EC058-1221 Widerstandsnest 62 WW1 Public Schools Brigade Recruitment Poster Micro Maipo - The End 191207-Z-DP681-2013 191207-Z-DP681-2050 191207-Z-DP681-2051 191207-Z-DP681-2077 191207-Z-DP681-2102 191207-Z-DP681-2104 191207-Z-DP681-2295 Fitzgerald Infantrymen Fires an M16A4 rifle on Camp Hansen during combat readiness training under CBRN circumstances 190923-M-EC058-1084 190923-M-EC058-1266 190923-M-EC058-1354
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