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U.S. Army Chinook helicopters provide inter-island troop lift support A Frozen Ruck March Team Leader Closing The Distance Casualty Extraction Problem Solving Mass Casualty Drill A Race Against TIme Dust Off MEDEVAC preparing the cannon U.S. Marines sweep through the forest during an IED training event as part of exercise Fuji Viper 20-1 191025-Z-DP681-1014 191025-Z-DP681-1020 191025-Z-DP681-1024 191025-Z-DP681-1031 (edit) 191025-Z-DP681-1031 191025-Z-DP681-1045 191025-Z-DP681-1048 191025-Z-DP681-1058 191025-Z-DP681-1066 191025-Z-DP681-1067 191025-Z-DP681-1073 191025-Z-DP681-1078 191025-Z-DP681-1080 191025-Z-DP681-1088 191025-Z-DP681-1095 U.S. Marines conduct  improvised explosive device lane training during Fuji Viper 20-1 U.S. Marines run through an obstacle course during a fire team competition as part of exercise Fuji Viper 20-1 191025-Z-DP681-1039
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