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IMG_5385 _MG_9259.jpg IMG_0884 A reporter from RTV6ABC checks her cellphone. INDYpope Black Onyx Necklace ~ Starlite Jewelry Designs frustration Dreyfuss Maserati IMG_8696 IMG_8230 IMG_8265 IMG_8619 IMG_8667 IMG_8665 IMG_8729 IMG_8572 IMG_9037 IMG_6146 IMG_6098 Can you find the dog in the yard? Two great smiles for the price of one snap. IMG_3913 Edward Scissorhands loves his bush so much. People don't even pay attention to the photographer. Indy and the Ark of the Covenant Three photographers and no camera action. Remember he has to say uncle. I take my tractor to the fair every year. It's a tough, old world to grow up in. winter vista
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