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Ancient Greek figurines on display in Acropolis museum (Flip 2019)

Woman pouring washing powder into the washing machine (Flip 2019)

New Born Baby

Spitting Spider

Ready for the Adirondacks!

Bedroom Decoration

Old Living Room Interior

Old Abandoned Village House

Behind the Window

Small Home Working Table

Sony a7RII + 100-400GM

Flores Blancas

Zebra Longwing Feeding on Flowers

Hens and Chicks of Some Kind

Saturn V

Mysterious smile at f/0.75

Two Flowers

Kleines Mädchen spielt mit Stofftieren

A little girl looking for a toy in a box

A little girl playing with lots of colorful toys. Turtle toy in baby's hands

Siblings waiting for their meal in the kitchen

A cute little girl playing with toys at home

Verrière du Christ en croix, cathédrale de Rouen

How about a cup of tea?

Little carps swimming in water garden

Man regulates the temperature and program of the oven

Day 072


Pointy grate

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