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Kuta Beach (Bali, Indonesia) Gereja Katedral Salib Suci Tegalalang Rice Terrace Ear of Corn on Stalk, Java Indonesia 160714-N-KR702-587 150807-N-FN215-223 Getting interviewed ..beyond the abandoned post.. Wayang kulit performance, Central Java Beans Bukit Lawang, orangutan Rajawali Es Goyang In the Asmat village of  Uwus Garuda Indonesia PK-GIE Boeing 777-3U3ER cn/29147-1148 @ Zwanenburgbaan EHAM / AMS 07-04-2018 Full of Colour Cracked Coconuts 1932 Riley-9 Monaco ( 1098 cc ) Eoophyla sp Margarita Air Terjun Oenesu, Kupang Mount Salak, Bogor. Alda Sunset with Mount Agung in Amed, Bali Male King Bird of Paradise River Near Gitgit Waterfall  (DSC_0187_8_9) leaf beetle (Chrysomelidae) from a Papuan mountain rainforest black jumping spider (♂) from W-Papua featuring ant-mimicry (lateral) Membracidae - tree-hopper - Buckelzikade with their offspring
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