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La costruzione della mostra sulla natura Home Ground 2016_100074.jpg Pope Francis Apostolic Journey to Mexico Pope Francis Apostolic Journey to Mexico Suohpangiehta Padlock Connect Buslines Restaurant Mural Powerlines Pavement Intersection Buckle Seattle Free Nestora Salgado Protest 6.10.13 Crystal River IMG_2900 IMG_2905 DSCF0307 DSCF0294 Down the valley. Cactus over Quilmes. Can you see the goats? Jeff begins to cultivate his first South American sunburn. I climbed Quilmes. Ruined city of Quilmes, Argentina. Nearing the summit. The desert around Quilmes. Looking out across the ruined town. Hillside fortification at Quilmes. Cape Grim 01 Cape Grim 02
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